How To Have a Fun Date Without Sex Stimulate Other Senses and Have a Better Relationship!

How To Have a Fun Date Without Sex Stimulate Other Senses and Have a Better Relationship!

If you are in a relationship and your dates normally consist of a movie and sex then you may be looking for something that provides a little more stimulation for your mental pleasure rather than your physical pleasure, and if sex hasn’t entered the relationship yet then you need to connect on a mental level to have a bond in the relationship. While sex is important in an intimate relationship it is also important to keep other aspects of your relationship strong and exciting.

3 Main Date Ideas That Can Produce Thousands of Different Date Ideas

  1. One thing that you can do is create a tradition that doesn’t involve sex. That way sex will not even be a part of the equation. For example, you can spend one date night a month playing board games, laughing, and drinking wine! This will be more about connecting on a mental level then a physical level, and you will both start to look forward to a tradition like that with enthusiasm.
    You can make the date into a non contact foreplay date. This kind of date can be just as stimulating, if not more, than ending the date with sex. This means you try to turn each other on without actually having to touch each other throughout the date. You can use dirty talk, sexually suggestive movements, and anything that comes to mind that will get your partner excited and stimulated. This type of date will connect you on a mental and physical level at the same time. You will enjoy this date, trust me.
  2. You can also make your date extremely stimulating by doing an adrenaline producing activity. You will both get the benefits of sexual excitement without the sex! Adrenaline producing activities are anything that makes your heart pound in fear. Just remember to keep it safe and not push the limits of death, otherwise you may not ever have a chance to have a date again!
  3. One date activity that many people do not always think of is doing something mentally stimulating together. You can go to a museum, library, or self-improvement workshop. All of these things are going to leave you feeling mentally empowered when you leave, and you will share that mental high together because you experienced it together. This also creates a feeling of being connected on a level that you don’t always get to share. It’s a nice feeling and it can only bring you closer together in your relationship.

So as you can see there are many things you can do that are fun without having to have sex on a date. Mix it up and you will find that your relationship will always be stimulating – in more ways than one.

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