How to Get Your Girl Back. Are you making the number one biggest mistake?

How to Get Your Girl Back. Are you making the number one biggest mistake?

So you want her back? I know, I have been there myself and today I want to help you keep from making the biggest mistake when it comes to getting back your girl. So what is the secret on how to get your girl back and what is the absolute biggest mistake that you never want to make if you try to get back an ex?

Let’s start with the biggest mistakes first, the biggest thing you want to avoid, if you not only want to win back your ex but keep her. The first thing to do is absolutely avoid groveling. No matter how much you want to apologize, romance her, or in any other way buy her back with gifts and dinners. Do not.

This is because women are naturally attracted to personal power and self-confidence. While being quote romantic may work in the beginning it will only undermine your relationship in time. This is not to say that you can’t be nice and do romantic gestures, especially if you’re the one that made some type of the mistake but the core foundations of what will win her back are not superficial. These are inner changes you need to make to win her back. Unless you become a guy that expresses the qualities that are attractive to women, you’re not going to be attractive to women. It’s that simple.

The strange thing is with women, no matter how much they say otherwise, they love a man who stands up for himself and who is paradoxically strong enough to take or leave the woman. This is the place that you must start if you want to learn how to get a girl back.

Many of the problems that couples run into, is that the man never learned the balance of saying yes and saying no to his girl. Once you learn how to do this, often times when you say no to your girl and hold your ground. Whether she admits it or not, she will at a core level find it attractive. It shows that you have the courage to put what you believe is right and the right thing to do ahead of what she wants. This is extremely powerful. This shows that you have inner strength and confidence in yourself and there’s nothing sexier to a woman. As I’ve talked about in other articles a man’s vision, his ideals and dreams are incredibly sexy.

It has to do with the way women and men evolved, women naturally took a supportive and nurturing role to the man. Much of that is still hardwired into her brain. This has nothing to do with being nice or being mean per say but simply loving and appreciating yourself so much that you demonstrate you would be completely fine without her. I know it may sound strange but this is how you make the changes internally that will get your girl back. One of the products listed that I recommend is Pandora’s box is a complete PhD level course on women’s psychology. There’s is way too much information to get into here but luckily there are some quality programs out there that can teach you everything you need to know when it comes to how to get your girl back.

Knowing how get a girl to kiss you is pretty easy actually. Why would a girl feel the deep desire to kiss you in the first place, because she’s attracted to you of course and feels safe and comfortable with you. With many things in seduction it’s about knowing the deeper secrets of triggering her automatic seduction triggers more than anything else. You can do this so much and in such an automatic way that she feels the overwhelming need to makes the first move.

A huge mistake that guys may when it comes to getting the first kiss is is not being able to read her subtle signals. Women speak in a huge way through body language more than anything else. This developed because women needed to understand the needs of their infants, even before their infants could speak. So women have a highly defined ability to read subtle gestures and they are also always speaking with the same subtle gestures. Many times they are frustrated because men they are attracted to never «get it» when they are sending out signals.

Every great seducer out there has studied or intuitively understands body language to a high degree. Once you understand what a woman’s signals mean, you can easily identify and recognize what women are thinking. It’s as close to mind reading as we can get.

So knowing how to get a girl to kiss you is simply all about using the steps that create instant attraction, comfort and watching for the signals that let you know that not only is she interested deeply in you but tat she also wants to kiss you.

Some of the signals include simple things like twirling her hair, rubbing her ears while she’s talking to you. Is she asking a lot of questions about you? Is she using your name? One of the biggest indicators, especially when it comes to her being ready to kiss you is that she will begin leaning in towards you in your conversations and interactions more and more.

To do a kiss test, after you have established good rapport with her and you are getting some of these other body language signals. Simply look deeply into her eyes, you don’t want to stare sternly or harshly, you want to make solid eye contact but with soft smiling eyes. You can actually practice this in the mirror.

So pause in the conversation, especially when she’s leaning into you, make the eye contact and slightly lean forward. You’re not going to kiss her or even lean forward that far. You simply want to notice what her subtle reaction is. As you get good at this, you will know immediately how into you she is.

For more information about learning these techniques in depth, check out some of the products I have listed. They are the best products on the market today.

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