How To Attract Asian Women

How To Attract Asian Women

With so many Asian women popping up all over the world, it really wouldn’t be any surprise if you want to learn how to attract Asian women with ease. After all, most articles and movies in today’s day and age portray these women as the kind to be eager to please men.

Plus, a lot of Caucasian men love the exotic look that Asian women exude and are thus quick to want to be in their company. Well, if you want to learn how to attract Asian women, as well, then you need to start by finding out how this can benefit you in the long run to begin with.

How To Attract Asian Women – Using «Tai Chi» Tactics

O bviously, if you want to learn how to attract Asian women, you need to know where you can find them first. This simply means that you have to frequent places where a lot of Asian women hang out.

So, why not try dining at a good Japanese restaurant every week or try attending dances hosted by Asian clubs? You can also do some shopping at Asian shops and talk to the employees there if you want. Believe it or not, the Asian market is also a great place to meet Asian women. So, if you see one that you find attractive there, just put on your best confused look and pick up several items. It is a fact that women always want to try their best and help out men who get lost in the market, so you cannot go wrong with this pickup method. Either way, though, if your main goal is learning how to attract Asian women, then you really need to start looking for great places filled with Orientals as soon as possible.

Using cultural differences in attracting women

If you are Caucasian and want to learn how to attract Asian women, you will naturally have to become culturally aware of any differences that might exist in an interracial relationship. Learning how to seduce Asian women might require more effort compared to attracting Caucasian women, for instance, because they will expect you to respect their traditional customs and their overall culture. Also, if you make a cultural mistake during a date with an Asian woman, you can easily ruin your chances with her – remember that.

You have to make sure you don’t appear too forward or brash, either, and pay close attention to how she does things in her home. Then, act accordingly.

When introducing yourself to a beautiful attractive Asian woman, try not to talk about what you think of women with Asian descent. In fact, you should never mention how hot you think Asian women are or you can kiss that woman goodbye right away, in general. Even if you think you are shelling out a compliment, a lot of Asian women will not interpret things that way. You may as well just tell her that you are a jerk upfront and get it over with.

Eliminating Asian stereotypes

Another thing to remember while learning how to attract Asian women is to forget all of the stereotypes associated to it, like having a China doll that is ready to follow your every bidding. You aren’t going to get a personal geisha just by dating an Asian woman!

Although movies usually portray Asian women as geishas, exotic dancers, peasants and prostitutes, you should never expect to actually meet one. In fact, if this is your only way of thinking, you are definitely setting yourself up for complete failure.

Asian women = subservient?

Now, as stereotypical as this might sound, a lot of traditional Asian women are used to being subservient, though, so you have to show them that you are a real man who can take charge of every situation. (Note that this is applicable to almost every other situation also – and it is a good way on how to seduce a woman of any persuasion).

Overall, earning how to attract Asian women also involves making most of the decisions in the relationship and showing them that you can take care of them, no matter what. Since Asian women will most likely never compete for dominance, they are sure to appreciate your confidence and take-charge attitude in the long run.

Sensitivities and how to steer clear of them

To really get on the good side of an Asian woman, you should also try and learn the differences between different Asian nationalities, as well as learn several interesting facts about every nationality and study their different backgrounds.

Some groundwork can actual take you a long way in terms of looking inquisitive and smart in the eyes of an Asian woman. Also, never ask an Asian woman what her nationality is as this will merely annoy or irritate her or make her feel like you are trying to objectify her. Again, Asian women aren’t geishas. They all have unique personalities and they will probably bring up their nationalities themselves when they feel like the time is right anyway.

Once she does tell you about her nationality, you can then demonstrate what you know about her natural heritage and culture through intellectual conversation. (And of course, you can also hack the process of building and deepening rapport using a technique such as Fractionation). Don’t worry too much about this since Asian women will find your vulnerability endearing, even if you mess up. Naturally, you shouldn’t ask any rude questions, though, like whether they really eat dogs in their country. Even if they did, she will know what other countries think of that fact, so it could ruin your overall chances with her altogether if you bring it up randomly.

Using «mind hack» tactics to seduce Asian women

Another thing you can do while learning how to attract Asian women is learn about fractionation and how to use it on them. Asian women happen to be especially susceptible to conversational hypnosis techniques, so fractionation will be very powerful when used on them and there are very high chances that your Asian woman of choice will fall for you in just 15 minutes afterwards. You need to know that this technique can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, though, so only approach it with the utmost care.

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