How to Approach Women. A Zen Master Approach Revealed…

How to Approach Women. A Zen Master Approach Revealed…

Today I want to share with you a special secret when it comes to how to approach women. This technique may seem a little out there but I assure you that it does absolutely work not only on women but on everyone.

This is a set of techniques that I’ve developed from studying ancient meditation techniques of the Zen masters and hypnosis. It’s something that I never see or hear any other so-called pickup artists talking about except for a few of the best. This is the subtle art of affecting a person’s energy and their state from even across the room. It’s a very simple concept based on visualization and it is invaluable when it comes to how to approach women.

Whether or not it affects your body language and mannerisms which in turn affect hers or whether it’s actually affecting what is known as energy fields. It doesn’t make a difference to me because the effects are the same. So the first thing you want to do if you see a woman that you’re attracted to is take a second and relax. Then you want to think of someone or something that you really love and enjoy. Preferably someone in a nonsexual way because in the beginning it’s important to build as much comfort if not more than sexual attraction. Many people get this wrong.

The next thing you want to do is take that feeling of love and imagine it as a color washing all around you like a the waterfall. I like to use gold or pik simply because they’re so much symbology in our culture that attaches these colors with love. Then you simply want to imagine projecting that waterfall of color and those wonderful feelings to the person you want to attract. This technique can build incredible instantaneous rapport with any person.

Once you’ve done this for a minute or two then it is time to approach. When you are imagining or visualizing this, you do not want to use willpower or mental effort. You’re not trying to make this actually happen in real physical life but are simply visualizing it happening in your mind. Your mind is such a powerful tool that it can in return affect your own body language, mannerisms and even other people around you.

So get out and try this technique, I use it all the time. It especially comes in handy if you want better service in a restaurant or store. This technique works to influence all people in all situations. To learn more interesting secrets like this feel free to look at my other articles and be sure to check out the Power of Conversational Hypnosis which is filled with all kinds of tricks like this for influencing people.

The number one biggest mistake that you could ever make when it comes to how to approach a girl is, are you ready? Never, ever approach a girl from directly behind her. I’m going to talk about the proper way to approach a girl and the most effective way to approach a girl in a few minutes.

It should seem fairly obvious because of the amount of abuse that women have suffered at the hands of men over the centuries why you never want to approach a girl from directly behind her. Part of the core of understanding attraction is realizing that women have very real defense mechanisms and fears about being hurt by men. When I say being hurt, I do not mean in some emotional way but in a real physical way. You always want to approach a woman so that she can at least see you in her periphery vision and a smile is cruscial.

This means if you’re coming up behind a girl you want to adjust so that your are approaching at an angle from the side that will allow her to see you. A huge part of seduction is building comfort with a woman. So you want to make sure that you do not trigger any fear or worry in her from the beginning because this is very hard to overcome later on.

However, the absolute best way to approach a woman in my opinion is from the front. One of the reasons I like meeting women in bookstores and grocery stores, even department stores is because you can circle around an approach from the front once you spot an attractive woman. Without being obvious about it I might add. I’ve talked in many other articles about the tips and tricks of using body language, eye contact and the power of a smile when it comes to how to approach a girl and getting it right.

Approaching from the front allows you to do all these super secret tricks. I’ve also talked about the importance of learning to read her body language signals which allow you to know whether she’s into you instantly, the moment you make eye contact with her. I don’t even bother approaching women that do not send me back the signals of attraction and this greatly reduces my chance of striking out. I already know that she’s into me within 10 seconds of her looking at me.

For more information on the best ways of how to approach a girl and many other awesome techniques when it comes to seduction check out Tao of Badass or some of the free articles that I offer. When it comes to seduction sometimes it is just as important not to do the wrong things as it is to do the right things. Half of the man that I talk with could vastly improve their skills with women if they would just stop making catastrophic mistakes that are stopping them. Generally when I point these mistakes out the guy gets it immediately and says «that makes complete sense».

So I’m taking the time today to save you some heartache by preventing you from making this one terrible mistake.

If you’re the kind of guy that says I need a woman.

Then you have come to the right place when it comes to learning the secrets and skills of seduction. There are many tools skills and techniques available and I have many articles and Seduction Home Study Sets available that will teach you everything you need to know so that you never have to say I need a woman again.

Dating and seduction is actually quite easy to learn, if you have the proper teachers and material. That is the first top dating tip I’m going to give you. Always find the best material and the best teachers to learn from. This is actually true of anything that you want to learn.

Understanding seduction is about understanding the difference between the way men and women evolved. Men involved with naturally larger bodies and more strength. Men were the hunters and much more equipped to defend the tribe. Women on the other hand were generally physically smaller and their job was to nurture and care for the children and play a naturally supportive role to the men in the tribe.

While the world has changed quite a bit in recent time much of this old hardwired programming is still in the female brain. The same triggers that attracted a woman to a man thousands of years in the past are still there. This gives an amazing advantage to anyone who is aware of these triggers and secret switches in a woman’s brain. Many of these triggers are activated though body language signals and some of them are triggered by personality traits in the man. Traits that the woman naturally looks for without realizing why. Men take their cues from a woman’s body because this is an indication to this ancient wiring of the kind of offspring she will produce. Women take their cues from a man’s personality because this lets her know how well he will be able to provide for and protect her.

So seduction is simply learning to display an increase the natural personality traits that are in every man that are attractive to women and to stop displaying personality traits that are unattractive women. The biggest problem with men who have trouble with women is that they are simply sending out the wrong signals. This is the second BIG Tip I wanted to share with you.

However the seduction code is easy to learn and even easier to break open and once you do you will never say I need a woman again. Throughout my site I have the best of the best material that will absolutely help you become a seduction master. Enjoy!!

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